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Our Company

Who we are and what we do

 HQengine is an Australian Fintech startup that has developed its own core IP embedded in it's Digital AI powered Platform for Sales, Supply Chain & Procurement Management,  Data Analysis & Insights, Data Interoperability and Dynamic Decisions agents.  

Our Story

 how it all began


The beginning -  experts in business solution design, implementations and operations in TierOne organisations across many industries and Government (Federal & State) with many decades experience in Australia, NZ, Asia Pacific, Japan and Europe. Through this journey we faced the some challenges every time with our clients and partners projects.

The problem - In every implementation and operation of Business applications the clients faced similar issues. Highly complex solutions with conflicting flexibility in some cases ,based on old technology which were hard to implement and manage, inconsistent User Interface, hard integrations with multiple back end systems or other point solutions, long periods for deployments, difficult to adopt internally by staff and externally by Suppliers, high cost to implement and ongoing cost (Licensees & Support), insufficient initial funding as key activities for the implementation and BAU management were not accounted for and so on.

And, ALL solutions were geared for the very high end of town not suitable for Medium and small enterprises or mid sized government organisations.

At the same time the last 2 years we are hit with extreme events such as COVID and lockdowns, Inflation, interest rate increases and Global Supply Chain pressures which moved teams to remote work and challenged budgets.

There must be a simpler and easier way to do it and to remove the complexity and minimise/eliminate the challenges.


The idea of HQengine was born to solve this problem using the latest technology and trends with out of the box thinking.

Our Team - a Team was then assembled of true Experts in the field with decades of experience in deploying and managing business solutions working for companies in Australia like Ariba, SAP, Coupa, KPMG, Deloitte and others.  These experts were coupled with IT experts in the latest cloud technology, AI solutions, Process experts in PEPPOL einvoicing and Academic/Researchers advisors specialising in AI- Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Company Governance & Accounting, Sustainability, Blockchain and FinTech.


Our Solution - we created a single open platform, easy to deploy and operate using AI at its core and optimising technology  using Amazon Web Services in making business transactions more efficient, effective, secure while giving the best human experience to the every day business Heroes that are touching these end to end transactions.


The HQengine Open Business Transaction Hub platform is geared for the mid and small business & government market and can also play a key value add to existing implementations of large businesses and government.


The Value - To ensure that organisations maximise their benefits as quick as possible HQengine in addition to our platform offers services in the areas of wholistic Digital Transformations, data, Supplier onboarding,


Where we are today


We are now at the commercialisation stage were we have launched direct with our Team to end customers, indirect through our Partner network that we are developing and through embedding our cutting edge technology in other business solutions.

Join us and be part of the journey

Our Approach

Best Practises_edited_edited.png

We use proven leading practices and push the limits to develop our effective platform with a human centric interface

We developed our own home grown and best-in-class frameworks in the space with our Agile Playbooks. We follow the latest market and technology trends to develop and implement our AI platform with the client’s needs and experience at the epicentre of every project. 


We focus on the best outcomes for our clients in the most cost effective way

We simply architect the best value creation outcome for our clients and work backwards in designing/implementing the right, simplest solution for the customer/user in the most cost effective way. 

Diverse knowledge & expertise

HQengine has a highly experienced and knowledgeable team comprising of business, sales, procurement & payments, Finance consultants, functional and technical subject matter experts, Agile project managers, AI engineers, front & back end developers, security experts and user experience consultants. We have all delivered multiple successful projects to all scales of enterprises, industries and the government over the years.


We leverage from our Team's experience across industries & geographies

Our team members have worked on multiple projects in the private and government sectors in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, & Europe.

Key companies in the private sector that the team has led and delivered projects to include: NAB, MLC Life Insurance, Lion, Westpac, ANZ Bank, COM Bank, Macquarie Bank, Rio Tinto, IAG, CGU, SP Ausnet, Orica, Australian Unity, HP, Ariba SAP and 50 plus more. 


Our Technology 

HQengine’s Proprietary IP

HQengine develops and owns IP which is at the core of our solutions. The areas of focus are Document Recognition – OCR (structured/unstructured), Reinforcement learning, Natural Processing Language, Anomaly Detection, Machine learning, Big Data Analysis, Dynamic Forecasting Modelling and recently IoT and Blockchains. 

HQengine employs specialists in the above fields and in the fields of Ai, cloud application development, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity.


OCR & Fuzzy Search Engines

•Email Document extractor & classifier (scanned or e-created)

•Invoice recognition (scanned or e-created), (free form or templated), Header, Line or Custom Fields, single & mass

•Receipt recognition (scanned or e-created), (free form), single & Bulk

•Invoice & receipt word/Phrase Fuzzy Search - single & mass

•Contract recognition (scanned or e-created), (free form), Header, Line or Custom Fields, single & mass

•Contract word/phrase Fuzzy Search,  single & mass

•Document Recognition  (free form), Header, Line or Custom Fields, single & mass


AI - & Machine Learning 

•Spend Analytics – ML Insights

•Sales Analytics – ML Insights

•Self learning document recognition engine

•Fraud Detection - Anomaly detection

•Custom Taxonomy auto classifier (single & mass)

•UNSPSC auto classifier (single & mass)

• Accounting entry engine


HQengine platform was selected by Amazon Web Services to participate in the prestigious AWS activate program for startups. This is a seal of approval for our team’s hard  efforts in developing the innovative HQengine solution. 


AWS activate is a program which has included successful startups such as Airbnb, Slack, Pinterest and others.

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