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Peppol eInvoicing
Our paperless future in a globally connected economy

At HQengine, we’re committed to electronic invoicing (eInvoicing) made simple for your organisation or business.

We do this through the PEPPOL network which is the most common and secure standardised framework for within country and cross-border exchange of electronic business documents (including eInvoicing).

The Peppol standard is implemented by more than 38 countries. Both Australia and New Zealand have adopted the Peppol framework as the common standard for eInvoicing.


Currently in Australia, all Commonwealth agencies are mandated to adopt eInvoicing effective the 1st of July 2022. There is an overall eInvoicing push by all other levels of government and large organisations. Similarly the NZ Government is enabled to receive eInvoices effective the 31st of March 2022.


It is estimated that Australian businesses exchange over 1.2 billion invoices each year. Around 90% of these invoices remain paper based and effort intensive. It is estimated that the use of eInvoicing reduces the cost from manually handled invoices by approximately $20 per invoice.


Regardless of the size of your business, all businesses stand to benefit from automating their invoicing process using the Peppol eInvoice standard.


In order to send the electronic invoices through the PEPPOL network, an Accredited Access Point is required to connect you with your Clients and Suppliers.

At HQengine we have been accredited by the Australian Government to provide eInvoicing Peppol Access Point capability to businesses and organisations of all sizes.

The Peppol eInvoicing 4 corner model

PEPPOL enables electronic transfer of data specific to procurement resulting in maximised accuracy, maximised efficiency and elimination of human error.

The process is seamless: The Sender Organisation (Seller) sends the Peppol compliant eInvoice through their Access Point to the Receiver (Buyer) Access Point. For this to occur, both the Sender and Receiver Organisations need to be onboarded to the Peppol Directory providing them with access to Accredited Access Points.

The Peppol eDelivery Network encourages trust between organisations and businesses working together in a data secure environment.

HQengine's Peppol eInvoicing Approach & Capability

At HQengine we support multiple ways in providing your organisation Peppol eInvoicing capability through our ATO Accredited Access Point:


  • Connect to the HQengine Access Point with a direct integration to your Accounting Application/ERP through our standardised or custom connectors to receive and send eInvoices and relevant electronic documents.

  • Connect to the HQengine Access Point through our HQengine cloud platform and use our feature-rich capability in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Spend Management, and either extract invoices through the User Interface, through flat file extracts (manual or scheduled) or use our standardised or custom connectors to receive and send eInvoices and relevant electronic documents. This option will let you transition to eInvoicing smoothly, as the OCR capability will let you convert paper invoices (PDFs or images) to electronic documents while moving to 100% eInvoicing.

  • Software providers connect to the HQengine Access Point with a direct integration to your Software Application to provide your clients with the ability to receive and send eInvoices and relevant electronic documents.


We make the transition to eInvoicing smooth and effortless for an organisation providing the following additional services:

  • Supplier onboarding through our automated mass capability coupled by our white glove services


  • PEPPOL Directory company registration(s) through our Peppol Accredited online Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) capability

  • Development of specific industry/company add-ons to meet any further end-to-end requirements

Easily transition to eInvoicing with HQengine's
flexible Peppol capabilities

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