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What is Peppol ID?

Peppol ID is an address, unique to each user, within the Peppol framework. The Peppol ID also contains information such as the global location number, the issuing agency code and more. Users may have multiple such addresses for their business.

The Peppol framework makes sure users can safely communicate in order to exchange eInvoices and other business documents.

This ever growing network relies on the Peppol ID in order for sender and receiver to identify each other, minimising the possibility for human error, fraud and “ghost invoices”.

The project begun in 2008 as a Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine and currently has 41 countries in total (32 countries in Europe plus Australia, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand, India, Mexico, Singapore and the USA)

Peppol ID is the official EU standard for sending eInvoices to the public sector, such as government agencies, municipal authorities and more.

Strict rules have been set by the EU regarding the safety of the data when it comes to electronic documents. Not complying with these rules can result in hefty fines.

Using the Peppol ID, you gain access to thousands of possible partners within the Peppol framework around the world.

How do you get Peppol ID?

You can acquire a Peppol ID by registering to a Peppol Access Point (like HQengine which uses AS4, that follows the latest international standards).

The SMP (Service Metadata Publisher)

It is like an address book in which you should be able to acquire certain key information, such as:

  • Delivery addresses

  • Business addresses

  • The types of documents supported

How to send a message?

For most cases you will require:

  • The Peppol ID of the receiver

  • The document you want to send

  • The document type ID

  • The document process ID

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